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[Apr. 16th, 2004|11:59 pm]
[i'm feeling |hotwarm]

wore today: oh wow...thanks to the gorgeous day outside, i wore white shorts [shorts!] with my green boatneck 3/4 length sleeve shirt with theta nu letters on it, and brown sandals! ahhh...i love spring. :)
did today: got up and went tanning, came back, showered, got ready for class. test in relationships and dialogue [easy! i should get an A, with no problem], had to watch a stupid movie in stupid spanish class...and of course, our stupid professor didn't come! she was out enjoying the beautiful day, and we were stuck watching a shitty movie until 3:30. left, chris came over and we went job-hunting for him, then i went home at 6:00, ate pizza and watched the braves with my dad [my mom went out of town for the weekend]. they won, 5-4! woo! :) then i came back here...i thought chris was going to call me, but maybe not...
ate today: bagel with cream cheese and water for lunch, pizza and a pepsi for dinner, drinking water right now.
watched today: "friends" rerun and braves game, and right now i'm listening to "outside the lines" on espn, and waiting for baseball tonight to come on.
read today: stuff for relationships and dialogue, part of the columbus dispatch, a couple little articles in espn: the magazine.
soundtrack to today: chris and i listened to the brand new cd in my car today.
best conversation of the day: none really. maybe talking baseball with my dad...he gets so happy that i know about the sport.
this is worrying me: chris going away for college, among other things...>P
this annoyed me today: oh, lots of things...i get annoyed easily these days.
i am looking forward to tomorrow because of this: sleeping in, and i really don't know what else i'm doing. let me know if you want to do something tomorrow night [hint hint--emily, if you don't work!].
i'm off to bed at: probably sometime around 1:00, after baseball tonight.
only to wake up at: no set time, really, because it's saturday...but i usually wake up on my own sometime around 10:30.

From: fighter_emi
2004-04-17 08:52 am (UTC)


i have to work tonight (sat) at 6, and i'm going out with my dad before that to look for new sheets. sorry pumpkin! hope you have a good day!
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