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aaah!! [Apr. 6th, 2004|02:53 pm]
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okay, for those of you who read my away messages [and for those of you who don't], here is why i am currently pretending to hate my boyfriend, although he is a thousand miles away right now.

i'm in small group communication class this morning around 11:20, and my cell phone started vibrating--it was in a pencil bag on my desk, so i heard it. after it got done vibrating, i looked to see who had called and it was chris calling from florida. i was sad that i had missed his call, but shoot, i thought he knew i was in class, so he shouldn't have called then. later, our class broke into our groups, and i looked at my phone again and saw that he had tried to call me again. i was worried that maybe something was wrong, so i slipped my phone into the front pocket of my hoodie--that way, if he called again, i could answer. so, it started vibrating again, and i thought he was calling, but it ended up being a voicemail alert. still fearing for the worst, i went out in the hallway to listen to his message, and this is what i got...

chris: "hey babe, it's me. i just wanted to call you to let you know what i'm doing today. i am going to the opening day game for the florida marlins. i knew you were going to be so jealous, so i had to tell you. i don't remember if you're in class or what you're doing right now, so i'll try to call you later to make sure you got this message. but i really wanted you to know that i'm going to a baseball game. i'll talk to you later. bye."

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! he didn't even really LIKE baseball before he started dating me! he thought it was boring and slow and stupid! i am so insanely jealous, it's not even funny. he gets to go watch the defending world series champions' opening day game, and josh beckett [the WS mvp from last year] is starting. i am going crazy with jealousy, guys. this is not cool. all i can say is that he better be getting me something wonderful (like a ball or a shirt autographed by every player in the stadium) to make up for him getting to do something this damn cool. and he would have to call and brag about it. ass! but of course, like i said, i am only pretending to hate him, and i've decided that when he calls me tonight, i'm going to answer the phone and say, "hi. just so you know, i hate you today!" lol...in reality, i'm just jealous. it would have been grounds for breaking up if he would have gotten to see the braves. just kidding, again.

the braves open tonight against tom glavine and the mets at 7:35 on tbs! go braves! weeee! :)